Clover Point of Sale

Clover is an all-in-one system with custom hardware designed specifically for Point Of Sale, software that helps you run your business more efficiently.

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Beauty meets brains. Clover is a performance-oriented POS you don’t have to hide.



Your Clover comes installed with lots of essential tools. Customize further with an array of applications.


Dedicated hardware that performs as good as it looks

Whether you’re looking for a countertop unit or a mobile POS, Clover has integrated solutions designed specifically for point of sale. After all, it’s not enough for your device to look good – it needs to stand up to thousands of transactions, safely and securely.




Our Cloud based software platform means that you can manage your business from your clover unit or from any computer with internet access! No need to be in the store!


Personalize your Clover

To make your Clover work even harder for you, check out the Clover App Market. Find solutions such as loyalty programs, accounting integrations, data analytics, and more.

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Reports give you insight into your business

Access reports on your device or remotely via our web-based merchant dashboard. Spend less time in your store and more time at home… or in Hawaii, if that’s your thing.




We protect your data

We’re obsessive about your security, and that of your customer. End-to-end encrypting card reader, data tokenization, locked-down operating system, and mutually authenticated SSL are just a few of the technologies we’ve built into Clover.


PCI Compliant

With all the security concerns around, you need to ensure that your POS system adheres to the latest security standards. The Clover Station is fully PCI compliant, so you don’t have to worry about fines for noncompliance.


Sensitive information stays on your side of the counter

Letting your customers sign for their purchase on the screen = cool. Giving them unintentional access to all your other sales, customer, and employee data = not so cool.

Clover’s proprietary pivot arm lets you rotate seamlessly to what we call the “customer-facing view” when presenting the display for signature. This restricts what the customer can see and access, keeping all your sensitive data safe.


Evolving Security

Our security measures and methods are continuously being updated in order to best deal with potential risks.

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**Pricing varies depending on the model and quantity purchased. Contact your representative for a quote on your new system.

Installation, implementation, and training start at $150 per hour and can be waived or discounted under special circumstances