Consumer Financing

When it’s easier for customers to say yes, it’s easier to grow your business.

  • Close more sales- More customers say “yes” when offered flexible financing such as deferred interest, no payment promotions or low monthly payment plans
  • Improve your cash flow- Accept down payments and receive funding the next day
  • Win larger deals- Credit limits as high as $55,000.
  • Grow your business- Focus on winning more projects, not waiting on payments
We have over 25 different financing options to choose from, offer an 85% approval rate, and applying for financing takes less than 90 seconds!


Charlotte Merchant service provider


Your time in a customer’s home is valuable. With the GreenSky mobile app, spend more time selling your products and services and less time submitting credit applications


Fast: Always Faster than calling. Scan the bar code from your customer’s driver’s license and the application automatically fills out their personal information. Hand the device over to your customer and have them hit submit. That’s it! You’re finished!

Easy: Available for phones and tablets using iOS or Android platforms. Download the app and complete three simple steps to submit an application

Secure: All customer information is secured with 128 bits of encryption, the same level as our online application